The Aura is defined an invisible electromagnetic field that surrounds every living being in an oval shape. The aura is formed by the combination of the physical, emotional and etheric body, together with the information of our souls.

When you wonder what the aura is and what it does, you should know that it is connected to the chakras and reflects the situations we face. The aura is represented as a halo of colored light emanating from the body.

It can be up to a meter in diameter and reveals our true nature and experiences, as it is influenced by our thoughts and emotions.

The clarity of our aura depends on our level of consciousness: the higher it is, the clearer our aura will be. Conversely, if we are faced with difficult situations, our aura will be unbalanced and appear darker.

This multi-layered “halo of light” that surrounds a person in all directions, normally extends up to 1 meter from their physical body but can be much greater in people with good physical vitality, mental clarity, sensitivity and who has a higher level of consciousness.

In the aura you can see a range of seven colors that will change according to the emotions, feelings, actions, lifestyle of each person.

We use Quantum Bioresonance and Biofeedback to clean, harmonize the Aura, this therapy shows the color of Energy, the Resonance in which the person is vibrating.

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Aura Therapy

In Person and Online: $75

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